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About CCI Abeokuta

Inaugurated on the 5th of February 2023, Celebration Church Int’l Abeokuta is one of the campuses of Celebration Church International (CCI); a global ministry led by our Lead Pastor, Apostle Emmanuel Iren. CCI Abeokuta is led by our Resident Pastor, Pastor Paul Omoike.

Under the ministry and leadership of our resident Pastor, we are experiencing continued progress and joy in the faith. We are being equipped to be better believers, to know the gospel, to teach the gospel, and reach a billion souls in ten thousand cities with the gospel.

CCI Abeokuta is a family of fervent believers who are well-taught, prayerful, powerful, full of love, and have a heart of service. We know that only Jesus saves, and we are dedicated to letting the world know this.

Every service at Celebration Church Abeokuta is powerful and enlightening. No service leaves you the same way you came. We are continuously transformed, built up, and made better believers. Come join us.

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55 lounge, Pizza and pastries, Omida road, Oke llewo, Abeokuta, Abeokuta

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